Spay Neuter Idaho Pets, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in 2008 by a core group of animal welfare advocates through wanted to focus their energy on improving the health of Idaho’s cats and dogs through preventative care.

Recognizing that spay and neuter is one of the most effective tools the animal welfare community has to combat homelessness and the needless euthanasia of dogs and cats, Spay Neuter Idaho Pets formed a voucher program that worked with the veterinary community to provide spay and neuter services at reduced rates for income-qualifying Idahoan’s. During that timespan, we issued over 25,000 spay or neuter vouchers to local pet owners that would not have been able to sterilize their pet otherwise, reducing overpopulation exponentially.

As the need for our spay and neuter voucher program continued to grow with each passing year, it became clear that it was time to open our own facility.

Thanks to the combined efforts of individual, corporate and foundation supporters, our dream of opening the SNIP Clinic came to fruition in 2018.

Our Clinic programs are dedicated to helping communities throughout Idaho maintain a sustainable pet population by offering easy access to exceptional, affordable, veterinary care. We specialize in high-volume spay and neuter surgery, vaccination and microchip services to Idaho’s pet parents, nonprofit animal rescues, shelters and community partners.


Spay Neuter Idaho Pets, Inc. (SNIP) is dedicated to improving the lives of Idaho’s cats and dogs by reducing overpopulation with the affordable SNIP Clinic.


An Idaho where all dogs and cats are living in healthy environments with no unnecessary deaths or suffering.


The SNIP Clinic has integrated the nationally recognized, Gold Standard of care model through the ASPCA Humane Alliance, allowing us to best serve those with limited resources and access to care.

We accomplish this goal by:

  • Combating pet overpopulation through affordable spay and neuter surgery, preventing unwanted litters of puppies and kittens and enabling pets to live longer, healthier lives.
  • Humanely stopping the exponential growth of the community cat population by trapping, sterilizing and vaccinating community cats.
  • Preventing costly illnesses by offering affordable core vaccines.
  • Ensuring that lost pets are returned to their pet parents if lost, rather than entering a shelter, by offering affordable microchips with lifetime registrations.
  • Collaborating with our community partners to better serve pets and people in our community.


Since opening the SNIP Clinic, we have provided 14,368 spay or neuter procedures, administered 10,562 vaccinations, and implanted 2,968 microchips.